WTF?! Gigi Hadid’s Attacker Just Sexually Assaulted Her BFF’s Family

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There’s something seriously wrong with people. Like, really. This time last week, we were discussing the attack on Gigi Hadid. You know, the one in which Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian media personality who ‘pranks’ celebrities, grabbed the blonde around the waist and picked her up. Now, everyone’s focusing on a different assault… by the same man.

According to reports, while in Paris, the 28-year-old ~prankster~ slipped past security and kissed Kim Kardashian on the most shocking of places… on her left butt cheek! Fortunately, Kim’s security was quick to pounce on the culprit:

This isn’t the first time the man assaulted Kim, who just so happens to be Gigi’s best friend Kendall Jenner‘s sister. 2 years ago, at a different Paris Fashion Week event, the reality star was tackled and almost knocked to the ground as she got out of a car.

TMZ is reporting that Kim is seeking a restraining order against the guy ’cause she considers him to be “a constant threat to herself and others, who won’t stop until he pays the price.” Seeing as how he also “pranked” Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt AND Will Smith, we’re thinking she’s right.
It’s no wonder why these celebrities have said some pretty bad things about their fans: