Gigi Hadid Gets Assaulted by Strange Man… and it Was All Caught on Camera!

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For the most part, fans understand how to show their support to their fave celebrity without crossing a line but sometimes, they take things WAY too far. Gigi Hadid was leaving the Max Mara fashion show in Milan, Italy, with her little sister Bella Hadid when she was stopped by a group of fans. Everything was relatively calm, and the 21-year-old model even paused to take a few pics with her supporters — that’s when things got scary.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a man wearing a hat came up behind the sisters, grabbed the blonde around the waist and picked her up in his arms. Zayn Malik‘s girlfriend was confused at first, but once she realized what was going on she immediately began trying to escape from his grasp. Bella also attempted to help her sister, pounding on the man’s arms that were grasping Gigi tight. Luckily, the Victoria’s Secret model was able to throw an elbow that caused him to release her. Once she was on the ground, she briefly thought about going after the assaulter, but instead went back with her bodyguards to a waiting car. You can watch the whole incident here.

While most people stood up for Gigi after the scary attack, few chose to comment on how she fought back, which the model was not a fan of. She wrote:

Um, YEAH she did!! Turns out, the man who laid his hands on the blonde is Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian media personality who made a name for himself by ‘pranking’ celebrities. The 28-year-old is responsible for kissing Will Smith on a red carpet, attacking Brad Pitt and rushing onto the stage at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Celebrities are people, too!

It’s no wonder why these celebrities have said some pretty bad things about their fans…