Gigi Hadid’s Armpit Hair Causes Quite the Controversy in New Video

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UPDATE: According to TMZ, Gigi’s alleged armpit hair was actually “residue left behind from the jacket she was wearing on set.” Awkward!
Gigi Hadid showed off her strength and stamina for a new shoot, but she also showed us something rather unconventional, too. Besides being a supermodel with super beauty, the 22-year-old is showing a new superpower: armpit hair… and her fans don’t really know what to think.

The supermodel got pumped up and ready to fight this holiday season for a kick-butt promo for Love‘s annual advent calendar. The video features our favorite supermodel throwing punches, kicks and, of course, doing her second favorite thing besides modeling: playing volleyball.

In the clip, Gigi is rocking a red cutout sports bra and some high-waisted leggings from her Gigi x Tommy clothing line. She’s also rocking a new beauty look we aren’t so used to seeing on supermodels. That’s right, armpit hair. Now it goes without saying that this is a pretty big deal, even though it shouldn’t really be because let’s face it, everyone has body hair. But then again, it’s not often you see a woman sporting any form of natural body hair, so when G does it, it’s bound to get people talking.

A lot of fans praised the model for the bold underarms, but others… not so much. Instead of talking about the message of the video, everyone took to social media to talk about the hair on her armpits because, well, how else do people get their opinion out nowadays? One fan called the entire look “fire” and a number of others wondered why everyone is so up in arms about Gigi’s au natural look:

While others just weren’t here for the armpit hair:

Once again, body hair on women is tearing the Twitterverse apart.