YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous & Longtime Girlfriend Nats Getty Are Engaged

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Gigi Gorgeous and longtime girlfriend Nats Getty had an amazing time in Paris for Fashion Week earlier this month and shared tons of incredible pictures on social media so fans could join them on the journey. But the couple didn’t post everything that happened on the trip. Turns out, the YouTubers got engaged on March 1 and finally shared the news a week later.

As you can probably imagine, the proposal was EPIC, to say the least. The 25-year-olds took a helicopter ride to a STUNNING French estate, for what Gigi believed was just going to be a romantic evening. When they arrived, however, she walked outside and saw the words “Will You Marry Me?” written on the outside of the mansion.

The blonde said yes and Nats placed a massive diamond ring on her left hand. But the fun didn’t stop there! Suddenly, fireworks started going off over the estate’s sprawling garden.

“Two years ago, I was broken and then I met you and I told you…you brought me back to life,” Nats said in a voiceover. “In that moment I knew I loved you. I knew I met my best friend, my partner in crime…through the good and the bad and the gorgeous. I want and need you. Be my one and only forever, Gigi.”

Gigi couldn’t believe what just happened and when she turned around to be congratulated by her friends and family who were watching inside she exclaimed, “I feel like that was a full dream. This is everything. Look at this [ring]! It’s so beautiful!”

The newly engaged couple has been together for about two years, although there was a split that lasted only for a few weeks.

Congratulations to the happy couple!