How Gigi Gorgeous’ Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis Made Her Decide to Transition

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Gigi Gorgeous is an advocate for those in the LGBTQ+ community, having come out as transgender in late 2013 and then as a lesbian woman about three years later. The now-25-year-old always seemed very secure in her identity, but, as it turns out, needed a major tragedy to occur before she realized life was too short NOT to live as her truest self.

The YouTuber recently appeared on Australia’s The Project to promote her documentary, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, when she revealed that it was her mom’s battle with cancer that actually encouraged her to start transitioning.

“It was when you learned that your mother was diagnosed with cancer that you realized that life was too short for you to live as a man,” host Waleed Ali prompted.

The blonde responded, “Absolutely. That’s one of the quotes that I live my life by. It was a crucial part of my life and it was a blessing in disguise to have my mom taken from me so young. It was definitely unfair but it taught me that every single day counts and not to take any minute for granted.”

Gigi’s mother, Judith, was diagnosed with Leukemia and sadly died from the disease in 2012. The YT star was just 19 years old at the time.

Unfortunately, the Canadian-born woman never got to tell her mom she was transgender to her face before she passed away, but knows that she’s looking down on her and is obviously incredibly proud of the person her daughter has become.

“The fact I get to do what I do is definitely God’s gift to me, and that’s how I know my mom is looking out for me,” she told People magazine in 2015. “I truly believe my mom is watching over me and knows that I’m Gigi now.”

We could not agree more!