Gigi Gorgeous Issues Not One, But Two Apologies for Mocking Entire Religion

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Gigi Gorgeous knows what it’s like to be discriminated against, which is why we were shocked when we saw she uploaded a YouTube video called “BECOMING JEWISH.” Viewers criticized the blonde for her title from the start, explaining that just because you travel to Israel doesn’t automatically make you the religion. But the problematic points did not end there.

Throughout the vid, the 25-year-old did various incredibly offensive things, including playing Indian music in the background, wearing clothing items with the Star of David on them, laughing and being affectionate with her girlfriend on sacred ground, and imitating an Israeli accent while doing a character she called The Princess of Israel. Many took these actions, specifically the last one, as being a form of mocking.





Needless to say, Gigi received tons of backlash, but waited more than a week to issue her first apology (if you can even call it that). She said during a Favorites video, “I think it goes without saying that I wasn’t trying to be offensive. And if I was, I truly do apologize if I offended you or your culture. I really was just trying to have fun with the video.” *SMH*

Yeah…that was definitely not the apology people wanted, so she waited ANOTHER week and a half to make it a little more sincere. The YouTuber admitted that she “fucked up” and that “admitting that is also really important to [her].”

“I wanted to sincerely apologize to anybody that I’ve hurt or offended because that’s the last thing that I want to do,” she continued. “It sucks, and it makes me feel like people think I’m ignorant when I’m not. And I’m always authentic and real, but people have slip-ups.”

Not the best, but a little better.

Gigi Gorgeous is one beauty guru who some people don’t think can be trusted anymore: