GIFts For You: Funny GIFs To Get You To The Weekend

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With Labor Day weekend you’d think it would be easier to get back into the swing of things. Well… LIES!!! The three-day weekend — that extra, glorious taste of freedom — makes it even harder to segue into our normal routines and class schedules. So we decided to show what life this week is like in GIF form:

On Monday, we woke up and thought it was another normal week. Then we realized something. It’s Labor Day. Monday is awesome!

So we engaged in a lot of shenanigans that we won’t speak of here.
(Some maybe even as scandalous as what Selena Gomez has been doing in Spring Breakers. We’ll never tell.)

School and grades and responsibilities seemed so far off in the distance, they weren’t even worth thinking about. Can’t touch this!

Then Tuesday came around. For real. And we were like Taylor Swift trying to get rid of an ex-boyfriend. So, basically, largely unsuccessful.

Off to school we went. Happy as… this.

In our adjusting period, throughout the entire day we felt entirely unmotivated like Kylie Jenner here.

Because when you’re sleep-deprived and don’t want to be at school, thinking is… hard.

By Thursday, you can bet there will be no craps given. Maybe you’re an overachiever and you’re already there today.

But here’s what we predict. When Friday rolls around, you’ll have just enough energy to pop out of your sleep-deprived splendor, with the joy of a Keebler elf emerging from his cookie tree, ready to share his love of chocolate fudge-covered graham crackers to the world. (Or, you know, Harry Styles popping out from behind a couch. Same thing.)

Then you can Beyonce happy dance your way to the weekend.

What, you don’t have a Beyonce happy dance?


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