GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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Describe this week in a word? Okay, how about EPIC. One Direction‘s music video for “Best Song Ever” was released, we got to see another awesome trailer for Catching Fire, and — get this — the Royal Baby was born!. All these milestones have been teased out for so darn long, we were starting to get a little restless. Hearing that this kind of news has finally been released brings up a lot of emotions, as we’ll try to describe here:

On a scale of 1-10, how excited were you for Prince William and Kate Middleton to have their baby? Taylor Swift‘s pretty high up there.


But a lot of people on our newsfeed reacted like Katy Perry


…or with the eloquence of Jennifer Lawrence.

jennifer lawrence funny face

While there are definitely people that are Royal Baby/”Best Song Ever”/Catching Fire crazy to an insane degree (we’ll admit, we’re guilty sometimes), it’s best to keep a sense of humor about it a la Colton Haynes.


Seriously, Royal Baby isn’t even a week old, and he’s already got swag — and waving to the crowd — down. Have an issue with him getting all the attention right now?


It’s hard to argue with someone with that much swag. Just ask Zendaya.


We agree, Zayn Malik — erh, Veronica. We agree.


We aspire to a level of BAMF like Rihanna, just so we can pull this look off, no big deal. That is the definition of epic.




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