Style How-To: Steal Hayden Panettiere’s Holiday-Ready Look! (Tips & Pics)

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It’s sort of a known fact that Hayden Panettiere hardly ever disappoints in the style department. And last week when we spotted Hayden in a red lace dress, leather boots/moto jacket combo and some really gorg jewelry that is so perfect for the holidays, we were like, Uh, duh, we want this outfit pronto! And you do too, right?

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We did some detective work to find similar items to Hayden’s so that you can look just as chic for all your holiday fêtes. #Score!

Hayden Panettiere’s Holiday Party Ready Look

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Neck Swag
Hayden’s super cute necklaces were one of the things that really drew us to this look. The jewelry is from The Y&J Multiplicity Jewelry Collection by Robert Verdi and you can check it out at
. Don’tcha love the layering? You can pick up similar pieces on the cheap at your local Claire’s store!

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Leather Jacket
You gotta love how much edge Hayden’s leather jacket adds to her flirty red dress. To add some pop to yours (without burning a major hole in your pocket), get this Leatherette Moto Jacket from Forever 21.

Forever 21

The Dress
Speaking of Hayden’s super cute red dress, we came across its fraternal twin at Charlotte Russe!

Charlotte Russe

Leather Boots
Snag a pair of look-alike boots with these Thigh-High Leatherette Flat Boots from Charlotte Russe.

Charlotte Russe

Gold Watch
And you can’t forget the bling! Pull your entire outfit together with this Sparkle Chrono Watch from American Eagle Outfitters.

American Eagle Outfitters

Do you like Hayden’s holiday-ready look? Into our suggestions? Whose look do you want to see us break down next? Post a link to the pic in the comments.