10 Things You Do That You Thought Were Nice But Are Actually Annoying

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Nice gestures are complicated. Sometimes they genuinely are appreciated and respected, but more often than not, they become annoying and frustrating. It’s weird — we want people to be nice and to think of others, but in certain ways, it bugs us. And since it feels wrong to snap at someone who is only trying to do the right thing, we just have to smile and pretend like everything is fine. In reality, there are certain things we all do that we all also can’t stand. So, uh, why do we continue doing them? Because societal rules are weird, guys. That’s why.

Here is my personal story of a nice gesture towards me I get a lot that I actually find horribly annoying. I have chronic stomach issues that make it hard for me to eat anything delicious (I have to avoid dairy, fried food, butter, etc.) or sometimes to eat anything at all. Whenever I am offered food I can’t eat unless I want to spend the next few hours feeling horrible, someone inevitably asks me why I can’t eat it. When I say, “I have stomach issues,” the person then inevitably gets all concerned and asks me what’s wrong. Considering my GI issues are more about IBS symptoms than anything else, talking about it with someone who is not a close friend makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward. But they press and they press, trying to be nice about it, all the while making me want to scream.

I get it. They’re trying to be nice by asking me about what’s wrong. But you know what? I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t know how to say that! It’s tough.

Here are 10 things we all do that we think are nice, but are actually very annoying. This Ask Reddit thread helped me put this together. While it’s always better to remember that the person doing these things has good intentions, it’s also good to keep this stuff in mind the next time you’re struggling to figure out what to say or how to act in a situation. You’re welcome!

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