First Known Victim of Manchester Attack Laid to Rest at Emotional Funeral

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The first person to be identified as a victim of the Manchester bombing that took the lives of 22 people was laid to rest earlier today. The funeral for Georgina Callander, 18, was held in her hometown of Tarleton, Lancashire, England, and contained countless mourners wearing yellow, her favorite color. The teen’s casket, which was decorated with family photographs, was also yellow and was pulled by a horse-drawn carriage to Tarleton Holy Trinity Church.

The girl’s family chose to make the gathering a celebration of life, and even included a picture of her with Ariana Grande on the back of the funeral booklet.

After the funeral was over, Georgina’s casket emerged from the church with Ari’s “One Last Time,” which became the official song to remember the victims, playing the the background.

The teen’s brother, Daniel Callander, paid tribute to his little sister with these emotional words:

“Georgina was the kindest person you will have ever met. The media have described my sister Georgina in many ways, but she will always be known as mummy’s little girl. I loved having a little geeky sister to talk about comics with — something I wish you could have all known. On her 18th birthday she didn’t go out and get drunk like normal 18-year-olds — she went to the zoo with her friends. That’s just the type of person Georgina was. She never touched a drop of alcohol despite me telling her to come to the pub with me.”

One of her former teachers, Alison Mesghali, said, “The thing I remember most about Georgina is her smile — she was always smiling.”

May she rest in peace.

Let us remember the 9 teens and 1 child who died in the Manchester bombing: