Which Celeb Could Be The Great American Boyfriend?

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Let’s say you could choose any celeb guy to be your BF. Would you cozy up to the Biebs? Or date an older Jake like Taylor Swift? Maybe you’d go for Glee‘s cute, cuddly Cory or one of the uber-talented guys of Big Time Rush?

Sure, they’re all smart, gifted, witty, and oh-so-handsome in their own way, but which guy would make the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion?

That’s the premise behind Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend, a new reality series hosted by Whitney Port! The series premieres January 18 on Hulu, but starting now, you can visit genuineken.com and meet the Ken-testants, real guys who will go through a series of tests to determine if they’re “Best Boyfriend” material.

They’ll have to prove everything from their athletic prowess to their best date ideas to a group of celeb judges, but you can start choosing your fave right now!