Queer YouTube Star Told to Use Disabled Bathroom by Hateful Stranger

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Instagram (@itskrisfox)

Instagram (@itskrisfox)

Gender-fluid (a person who does not identify themselves as one gender) “Androgynous Queen” Kris Fox, a New Zealand YouTube star, is very comfortable with their identity, and DGAF about what people think. While the 23-year-old makeup artist generally surrounds themself with people who are open-minded, they recently saw how hateful some people in the world really can be.

Kris was recently using a public restroom in a local mall when they encountered their “first toilet issue.”

“Generally when I use public toilets, which is hardly ever because I had using public toilets, I go into the men’s one; surprise, b*tch — I got a penis! As I walked out, some guy was like, ‘You should be using the disabled toilets,’ the YouTuber explained on Snapchat.

Obviously taken aback by the stranger’s discrimination and verbal abuse, Kris paused for a second, but then allowed the anger and hurt to fuel their response.

“I turned around and said to him, ‘Excuse me, if you don’t know, the disabled toilets are there for people with disabilities. Don’t f*cking tell me what f*cking toilet to f*cking use.'”

“You know, if anyone ever makes you feel like you don’t belong in a certain situation, in which you do, tell them to f*ck right off,” the Kiwi concluded to their followers.


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