Gem Roots are Here Just in Time for Spring and They’re BEAUTIFUL

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Alright, you guys… it’s crunch time. The warm weather will be here before you know it, which means it’s just about time to switch up your hair again. And, since we’ll be embracing the change in weather, why not embrace change with your hair as well and do something drastic and exciting, like these amazing gem roots?!

Thanks to Las Vegas-based hairstylist Chita Beseau, gem roots is the rainbow hair trend you’ll be dying for this season because, although it’s colorful, the colors are muted pastels and therefore aren’t too overwhelming. Unlike the more typical rainbow roots trend that you may have seen, the gem roots trend only involves applying three different colors of dye, all in gorgeous jewel-tones.

So, are you wondering how to go about getting this look for yourself? According to Allure, Chita created this particular look (seen below) by painting purple, mint, and pink dye onto platinum blonde hair. See?

We told you it was amazing! But, even more amazing is the fact that while the look was inspired gemstones to begin with, the mag said that the dyes Chita used were specifically meant to resemble the pigments of colorful crystals as well! For example, the purple tone used directly at the root is called Purple Tourmaline, which, according to Chita, was used “to create depth as I have seen in geodes and other mineral rocks.” NGL, we’re pretty much obsessed with how the purple flows into the green and pink pastel tones, aren’t you?!

So, if you’re looking to try something fresh, new, and colorful this season, we think this “Gem Roots” trend might be it. And, on the bright side, when the color fades you’ll be left with a gorgeous head of platinum blonde hair. It’s a win/win!