Say What?! Garrett Hedlund Didn’t Need a Country Song to Land His Role in Country Strong

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If Garrett Hedlund‘s name doesn’t immediately register in your mind, that’s because he’s not super famous. Yet. His blockbusters Tron: Legacy and Country Strong hit theaters within the month, and he’s in next year’s On The Road with one of Hollywood’s hottest. Kristen Stewart — maybe you’ve heard of her?

Anyway, our new #1 crush (sorry, Darren Criss) snagged his coveted Country Strong role, not in a traditional audition, but at a karaoke bar. Seriously.

So what song did he sing to seal the deal?

New York Magazine asked Garrett about the rumor that he took the movie’s director to a karaoke bar to win the role. The actor said, “I don’t really have many go-to songs I’m able to sing. Yeah, I took her to a karaoke joint and I sang “Better Man” by Pearl Jam. It wasn’t even country! But I’m a huge fan of Eddie Vedder.”

And we’re a huge fan of you, Garrett.