Hottie of the Week (And Interview!): Garrett Hedlund

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Ladies and gents, we introduce to you this week’s Hottie of the Week Garrett Hedlund. You may recognize him from Friday Night Lights or from the two movies he has coming out this month, Country Strong (with Leighton Meester) and Tron:Legacy (with Olivia Wilde). But hot and famous co-stars aside, Garrett is proving to be pretty hot and famous himself!

“I’m excited for Tron: Legacy. I was a huge fan of the original, and with the technology we have today it’s gonna be out of this world.”

– Travie McCoy

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Teen.com: Congrats on being our Hottie of the Week! How does it feel?
Garrett Hedlund: It’s sweet, it’s very generous. I feel very honored.

Teen.com: Do you think you’re ready for heartthrob status after your two new movies come out?
Garrett Hedlund: I don’t know, I’m just taking it one day at a time. I’m just excited for the world to get to see Tron and Country Strong. Gwyneth gave such an amazing performance, and Shana Feste as a writer/director is so extremely wonderful and I am very proud.

Teen.com: So you wore lots of Spandex in Tron. What was it like getting in shape for that?
Garrett Hedlund: Olivia and I both trained down at the facility called 8711 and we both had to work on mixed martial arts and do motorcycle training. It was in the 3 months leading up to the commencing filming.

Teen.com: Did you do all those motorcycle stunts yourself?
Garrett Hedlund: We had a wonderful double. Some of the stuff is too dangerous and we couldn’t risk that. But, I did still get to cruise the motorcycle quite a bit.

Teen.com: So what was it like filming? How did all the special effects come into play?
Garrett Hedlund: Daryn Gilford, the production designer, made some really incredible sets, but we also had an extreme amount of blue screen work that we had to do. We’re just in a stage all day, every day. People ask “Does the blue screen stuff get challenging?” And it does get tricky at times. But Joe directed me, and he would describe everything in such detail, you could just see it. That’s what made him such an incredible director. He was always ten steps ahead.

Teen.com: In Tron, you get rescued by a girl. Do you like it when a girl makes the first move?
Garrett Hedlund: No, not really. I’m much more of a mind person. I’m drawn to very smart people who have their heads screwed on straight and are focused and know what they want to do and have aspirations and inspire me, so one day when I find that I know I will know immediately.

Teen.com: Were you upset that there was no on-screen kiss between your character and Olivia Wilde’s in the movie?
Garrett Hedlund: No, that’d just be freaky. If you see the film, her character is so innocent. She is childlike. Her character is learning about life outside the grid. It would look like I was a freak trying to come on to a character like this.

Teen.com: Let’s talk Country Strong for a minute. Were you a country music fan going in?
Garrett Hedlund: Well, I grew up on a farm and we only had one radio station that played only country music, so I grew up with it, with Tim McGraw. Then ten, twelve years later, for him to play my father in Friday Night Lights, and then to embark on this journey with him, it’s so surreal and unbelievable at the same time.

Teen.com: We heard you had to learn to play guitar for the movie…
Garrett Hedlund: Yes. I was playing guitar all day every day getting ready for Country Strong and studying the lives of all the wonderful greats in country music: Chris Kristofferson, Wade Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny, Willy, Hank Sr, Hank Jr.

Teen.com: You said you grew up on a farm. What were you like when you were a teen, living on a farm?
Garrett Hedlund: I was always kind of goofing off. I’m the youngest of 3. I was always the class clown I guess. Well, I don’t want to say class clown, but I was always a goof off.

Teen.com: Last question. Are you single?!
Garrett Hedlund: Yes!

Do you think Garrett deserved to be Hottie of the Week? Which of his movies are you more excited for, Tron or Country Strong?

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