Garden Brows are Here for Spring and People Definitely Have Mixed Feelings

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Now that the cold winter months are finally coming to a close, we’re all looking for ways to warm up our wardrobe and makeup looks for spring. But, while most of us will opt for a floral shirt or coral lipstick to usher in the warm weather, others are looking to express their excitement in more, well… obvious ways.

If you’re one of those people who are just too excited for spring that a splash of floral simply isn’t going to cut it, you’re in luck because a new eyebrow trend is here just as the season’s beginning, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for… maybe.

This new eyebrow trend involves — you guessed it — turning your eyebrows into beautiful gardens, and while it definitely is an interesting concept, we’re going to stick with the crazy idea that gardens belong in our yards, not on our faces.

Just a few days ago, blogger Taylor R, who stunned us with Christmas tree brows several months ago, is back at it again with this fresh, new, floral brow trend, and while some people are absolutely living for it, others are confused AF… but, can we really blame ’em?

In a tutorial Taylor posted on YouTube, she explained exactly how to create the look yourself, and it actually seems kinda easy! Apparently, all you need to create garden eyebrows of your own is hair wax, Jeffree Star‘s velour lipstick in Venus Flytrap, and some tiny little flowers to tie it all together. And, while we’re hoping we don’t see people out and about rocking this trend in the next few months, we have to admit… there’s something, erh, adorable about it?

Since Taylor shared her latest brow creation on Insta, others have felt so inspired that they actually went ahead and tried it for themselves. Take a look:

It’s definitely… somethin’.