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Daenerys & Jon Snow are Totally Gonna Hook Up on Game of Thrones! (Right??)

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Things have been heating up between Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) ever since they finally met in the first episode of Season 7 on Game of Thrones… but are our #hairgoals Khaleesi and #boyfriendgoals King in the North really destined to hook up?! Let’s put our whole “But wait, isn’t rooting for them to get together rooting for incest?” prejudice on pause for just a sec to analyze…

Let’s break this down starting with the fact that the GoT writers have been relentlessly teasing us with the sexual tension between Daenerys and Jon ever since they first laid eyes on each other. That tension escalated to new levels on the last episode, when Daenerys tended to a wounded Jon and their respect for one another reached a deeper level than either one could have ever imagined. Surely the Game of Thrones writers wouldn’t build up all this tension all season for nothing, right? RIGHT?!?!

Obviously the biggest objection anyone would have about these two hooking up is that they’re not-so-low-key related. Unbeknownst to Jon and Dany at this point in the series, Jon’s mother is actually Ned Stark’s sister, Lyanna, and his father is actually Rhaegar Targaryen. Since Rhaegar is Dany’s older brother, this means Daenerys is *spoiler alert* Jon’s aunt. That may sound weird and gross to us in the real, non-Westeros world, but then again, we’ve pretty much accepted Cersei and Jaime’s incestuous affair for seven seasons now, so should we really be that surprised at Dany and Jon’s blossoming romance?

If you need more evidence that #Jonerys is definitely going to happen, then perhaps an old George R.R. Martin quote will do the trick:

The author said this of the Targaryen bloodline in 2014, “Targaryens were interlopers from another culture, and they had some unique factors that didn’t necessarily fit into the mainstream of the other Westerosi Lords, such as their traditional incest, which was part of keeping the bloodlines pure so that they could better control the dragons, brother marrying sister, and nephews and aunts, and so forth.”

Umm… Did you READ that closely enough?! He literally mentioned “nephews and aunts” when talking about the Targaryen bloodline! If that doesn’t scream “Daenerys and Jon are gonna hook up before the Night King inevitably kills ’em all!” to you, then, frankly, we don’t know what will…