20 Game of Thrones Characters That Were Shockingly Recast

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And you thought the Pretty Little Liars casting director went nuts — pshh! Sure, the ABC Family TV series turned Freeform drama has had its fair share of recast characters (there are 12 known ones so far), it’s nothing compared to Game of Thrones. The hit HBO television show has a minimum of 20(!) actor swaps to its name.

While there are only a few people who are known to have turned down roles on the series, there are many more who were simply replaced after originally being cast. And that’s not even including all the guys who portray(ed) the Faceless Men (a.k.a. Jaqen H’ghar)!

Bronson Webb, who played Will, a ranger in the Night’s Watch before he was executed for desertion by Ned Stark on the series premiere, almost made the list, as his sequence was meant to be reshot when he was unavailable, but the problem was resolved and he returned after the unaired pilot to reprise his role. So, there’s one less than there would’ve been. Still, 20 is more than enough.