15 Inappropriate AF Tweets Fans Sent to Gal Gadot on Twitter

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TBH, if we could switch lives with Gal Gadot, we’d jump at the chance in a second. Not only is the Wonder Woman actress drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s had so much success in her career at only 32 years old. She was crowned Miss Israel in 2004 — NBD, right? — and after acting for a while in the Fast and the Furious franchise, she tried her hand at playing a superhero on the big screen. As if the fact that she served as a freaking combat instructor for two years in the Israel Defense Forces wasn’t already cool enough!

Can you tell we love her? Well, turns out we’re not the only ones. A quick scroll through Gal’s Twitter feed shows that the actress is V popular — maybe more popular than she wants to be. Her fans take their love for her to the next level and aren’t afraid to send some seriously nasty stuff to the married mother of two. Yuck!

1. Well that’s just too bad.

2. Yikes.

3. Yay, a compliment and an insult rolled into one!

4. That’s some dedication.

5. Good to know.

6. News flash — too much information.

7. Wouldn’t you like to know?

8. Fab.

9. You can keep that to yourself, please and thanks.

10. How about no?

11. Confused…

12. Not gonna happen.

13. Thanks for sharing.

14. LOL.

15. Yeah, right.