6 Gal Gadot Casting Secrets That Could Have Changed Her Entire Career

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Gal Gadot is not your average actress. You may know the Israeli model from her starring role in Wonder Woman this year — unless you’ve literally been living underneath a rock — but the 32-year-old had so much going on even before she hit the big screen as a superhero. Like, so much. We’re honestly wondering if this woman ever sleeps!

Think we’re exaggerating? Get this. After normal high school years spent babysitting and working at Burger King, the 32-year-old’s life shifted from average to WAY above. Between the ages of 18 and 20, she pursued degrees in both law and political science and served two years as a combat trainer in the Israeli defense forces — no wonder she does all her own stunts! — and was crowned Miss Israel in 2004. Starting to sound like she’s got clones of herself, isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! We haven’t even gotten to the acting part yet. While she originally considered herself “too smart” to be an actress, Gal must have changed her mind somewhere along the line because she became a major part of both The Fast and Furious and DC Extended Universe movie franchises, not to mention the smaller roles she had in other movies. Oh, and did we mention that she two daughters and a husband who she owned a Tel Aviv hotel with up until 2015? They sold it for $26 million. We’ll let that sink in for a sec…

In case you thought that’s everything there is to know about the brunette, think again. There are so many movies she almost did or didn’t do that could have changed her career forever. One look at the casting secrets we’ve rounded up, and you’ll see that a lot of things had to line up just right for Gal to don Wonder Woman’s cape.