YouTuber Tweets & Deletes Insensitive Note Made After the Manchester Attack

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Almost every celebrity had something to say in the wake of the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande‘s Manchester concert that left 22 dead and 59 injured. Most stars’ messages portrayed their deep sadness and genuine concern for everyone affected by the bombing, but one celeb completely missed the mark when she decided to get on Twitter immediately following the attack.

When Gabriella Lindley, better known as VelvetGh0st on YouTube, heard about the bombing, she couldn’t help but be reminded of a dream she had, which basically predicted that a similar event would happen at the Dangerous Woman Tour.

The coincidence is ridiculously strange — we’re not trying to diminish that fact at all — but the fact that the 22-year-old decided that the FIRST THINGS she should write in the wake of a deadly incident is pretty darn effed up. A ton of Gab’s followers felt the same and alerted her that her tweets were poorly timed and seemed to be an attempt to make the bombing about her.

The YouTuber allegedly blocked people who called her out for being “selfish,” and then proceeded to tweet more “politically correct” notes about the bombing.

We’re not saying that Gabriella had any ill-intentions by posting about her dream, but the timing was definitely off and the insensitve nature of her words for sure deserved an apology, not just to be deleted.

Sadly, fans have been injured at other concerts in the past, too: