One of Your Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus Just Came Out as Bisexual

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June may be the official month to honor the LGBT community, but it seems that some of our favorite YouTube stars are starting to celebrate Pride a bit early. Early last week, Vanessa Martinez posted an emotional video admitting that she likes both men and women. A day later, Dodie Clark also told her viewers that she is bisexual. Then, to round the week off, Mickey Sanchez joined the public coming-out movement with a vid of her own. And while three YT stars coming out as bisexual in one week may seem pretty crazy, and a fourth is just unbelievable, you better star believing, ’cause another one just admitted that she’s attracted to both genders.

Unlike her YouTuber counterparts, Gabriella Lindley (a.k.a. velvetgh0st) didn’t make a video to tell people she is bisexual. In fact, the beauty guru first started getting her fans acquainted with the idea by not-so-subtly tweeting, “i wanna date someone who actually gives a s*it about me and not 90 other girls, that would be nice,” a dig that she said was directed at someone in particular.

But even though the 21-year-old couldn’t really get more obvious than that, she decided to confirm everyone’s suspicions about her sexual orientation with a one-word reply to a comment on YT.


And there it was; all questions were squashed. After she straight-up admitted to being bisexual, Zoe Sugg’s former best friend started opening up more about her sexuality and even posted screenshots of how she came out to both her dad and brother over text message.

But while the news of the YT girl’s bisexuality may have surprised some people, Gabby wanted to remind people that sexuality is not a big deal and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Three cheers to acceptance and self-love!


Even though Gabby didn’t make a coming-out video on YouTube, these YT stars sure did: