Gabriel Zamora Opens Up About Beauty Beginnings & Rise to YouTube Fame

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In only two years since he first took to YouTube, beauty guru Gabriel Zamora has quickly risen in popularity for his bright, poppin’ looks lewks. He has now over 400K subscribers on YT, nearly 600K Instagram followers, and is ipsy’s first male beauty creator. So, yeah; you could say he’s a pretty big deal.

Whether you’ve seen him on the ‘gram, raving about KKW Beauty, or hanging with his YouTuber BFFs, Gabby has really been shooting his shot in the makeup world. But the 25-year-old wasn’t always living the MUA life in California. Originally from Houston, Texas, he comes from a low-income family and had no interest in beauty until a very expecting moment.

He told Clevver.com exclusively, “What really pushed me to try makeup was my acting coach. She was like, ‘Your eyes don’t read well on camera’ and I was like, ‘Okay?’ I went home and was like, ‘How do I make my eyes look better? How do you define your eyes with makeup?'”

“I literally just Googled ‘how to make your eyes look better with makeup’ and some tips were like white eyeliner in your water line, mascara, adding a contrasting kind of bronzer color to make them stand out, defining your brows, but I didn’t have brows,” he recalled. “So it kind of just began with me like playing at home.”

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Gabriel didn’t have cable growing up, but he did have Internet access so he could watch YouTube videos for hours on end. But even though he loved watching beauty gurus online, he didn’t really have plans to create his own channel…at least until a little fairy godmother named Patrick Starrr came along.

“[The night Patrick and I met], we just like talked the entire night. He’s a Scorpio, and Pisces and Scorpios are like soul mates so we mesh really well.”

Patrick encouraged him to start making his own videos instead of just consuming them, and low and behold he eventually clicked ‘upload.’ Gabriel’s career has skyrocketed since he broke out on the makeup scene just under two years ago, partly because of his infectious personality and partly because of his incredible #skillz and promise to always be honest about the products he uses.

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So, what five beauty items can Gabby not live without?

“I would grab probably the KKW concealer, just because I could just spread it on all day. I would grab Anastasia’s brow definer pencil, the thicker one. That one is everything! And I would grab also the pomade. I don’t have brows so two of those have to be brows. And probably MAC strobe cream, the gold one. That one is beautiful underneath makeup as well as on top of makeup. And then probably the Make Up For Ever mattifying primer because I’m really oily so I like to sometimes take it with me and blot it throughout the day.

Gabriel’s growth on YouTube is pretty remarkable, as it takes many people years to do what he’s done in less than two. So, what advice does he have for up-and-coming YouTubers?

“Be sure who you are because going onto YouTube isn’t going to help define who you are,” he advised. “You have to go into it knowing who you are — having a general idea who you are so that you don’t get persuaded or changed or anything. Go in knowing who you are, what your core values are, what you want to do.”

He continued, “If you look up to someone, don’t copy them, but be inspired by them. I always say just pick five people that you really look up to…and see what they do, how they do it. If they’re uploading two videos a week, three videos, are they doing certain trends? Are they doing certain makeup looks? Be aware of that and what they’’re doing…because there’s an audience for that. If somebody’s doing the Kim Kardashian Met Ball look, you know, what are you going to do to make it your own?”