Gabriel Zamora Apologizes for Saying N-Word in Past Racist Tweet

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First Laura Lee apologized for past racist tweets, and now BFF Gabriel Zamora has issued and apology of his own.

Around the same time that fans uncovered Laura’s old tweets, people discovered that the 25-year-old used the N-word on Twitter back in 2012.

Gabriel Zamora Apologizes Racist Tweet

Twitter (@gabrielzamora)

He first went private in response to the backlash, but then returned to the social media site to apologize for his “ignorant post.”

But the racist tweet wasn’t the only thing people were upset over. The beauty guru seemingly shaded ex-friend Jeffree Star by posting a picture of himself, Laura, Manny Mua and Nikita Dragun giving the middle finger and captioning it, “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better.”

gabriel zamora apologizes racist tweet

Twitter (@gabrielzamora)

He also addressed this controversy in another apology in which he said sorry to the YouTubers in the photo and the beauty community in general.

He writes, “The photo was supposed to be funny and I took it upon myself to tweet it with text they didn’t know I was going to say. I acted out of emotion and pettiness and it was solely my tweet and my words and no one else’s.”

Manny thanked Gabriel for the apology and explained that he initially didn’t read the caption, which is why he favorited it at first. Once he realized the implication, he removed the favorite and asked his friend to take the post down.


Like Laura, Gabriel says he “will work on being a better person every day” and promises that he will show his remorse with more than just words.