Be Still Our Hearts — Adorable YouTube Couple is Getting Married!

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More excitement on the YouTube front! In addition to Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly announcing their fourth pregnancy over the weekend, another YT couple has their own happy news — they’re engaged!

Unlike Sam Pottorff and Rosa van Iterson who hid their engagement for months, Jess Bauer and Gabriel Conte basically told their followers the exciting news minutes after it happened. The pair has been dating since the beginning of the year, and despite living in Australia and America respectively, are completely in love with each other.

In addition to the adorable tweets, the 21-year-old also wrote a heartfelt Instagram message to his now-fiancee, who he actually met on the photo-sharing site.

“Once we met it only took me a few days to realize I was going to marry this girl one day. But it took me much longer to get the guts to ask her. This year Jesus has completely changed my life in a way I would’ve never imagined to happen so soon. It’s all thanks to Him for putting the most stunning, kind, beautiful, humble (the list goes on and on) girl in my life. Who would’ve thought the woman God was preparing for me was all the way in Australia haha! This is probably the part where I would go on to say, ‘I’m marrying the girl of my dreams’ but that’s not entirely true. Jess isn’t the girl of my dreams. She is SO FAR GREATER than any girl I could’ve ever conceptualized in my head as ‘the perfect girl.’ Thank you Jesus for blowing my mind with the most unbelievable woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Freaking stoked to marry you Jess Bauer!”

As if the photos weren’t enough to make even the coldest of hearts burst, Jess and Gabe uploaded the most beautiful vlog documenting the day they got engaged.

Despite being just 21 years old, the Viner says he knew very early in the relationship that he was meant to marry the Australian. He told Teen Vogue:

“Well, I knew pretty early on in our relationship that this day would be coming so I had sort of always been thinking about it. But what really made me decide that I needed to propose now was after my trip to visit Jess in Australia. When I left I knew she had kept a huge piece of my heart that I couldn’t live without. Part of me literally felt dead every single day because I wasn’t with her and I couldn’t take that pain anymore. So with the six weeks between me getting back to the States and Jess arriving on her next trip I planned everything out so it would be perfect!”

We are so happy for Jess and Gabe and can’t wait to follow along as they plan their wedding!
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