How This New Singer Balances Her Music AND Freshman Year of College

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Being a student is no easy task. There is homework, tests, lectures, sport practices, Friday night games, school dances and on top of all that you need to maintain a good GPA, get eight hours of sleep and somehow have a social life. It only gets tougher when you add in jobs, internships and required family gatherings. Honestly, just thinking about it all makes us want to take a nap.

We think that anyone who says that they get a full night’s sleep, does well in school, has a job, hangs out friends and finds time to volunteer are either A) liars or B) superheroes. We can’t even imagine what it would be like to be an up-and-coming singer releasing music and filming music videos who still has class to deal with. Although the thought of doing all of that at once seems terrifying, it’s Gabi Sklar‘s reality.

The 17-year-old just started her freshman year at the University of Miami, but she’s doing a whole lot more than extracurricular activities. We grabbed lunch with Gabi in NYC and talked about everything from her new single and what crazy thing happened while filming the music video to roommates and dealing with professors! We are seriously crushing on Gabi, and you will be, too.

Gabi’s newest single, “Liberteens,” was just released on October 13 and we already have the lyrics memorized. The song is all about being young, a concept that really hits home for Gabi.

“The concept of the song is embracing your mistakes and having freedom before adulthood and just having fun in your adolescent years and I think that’s something that everyone can relate to,” Gabi said. “You don’t necessarily need to be 16. I mean, I’m releasing the song as an almost 18 year old singing about what it was like when I was 16.”

Although the music video isn’t officially out, we got a sneak peek and you are NOT going to want to miss it.

“I feel like there was a lot of visuals from the song that was easily translated into the video, so I met up with the director and we were talking about what a liberteen really is,” Gabi said. “If you look up liberteen on Google, it means that you’re a free spirit so we wanted to incorporate Marie Antoinette because the concept is that Marie Antoinette was basically like a liberteen of her time. It was bringing in the idea that a liberteen transcends to any generation and everyone has that period of adolescence.”

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As much fun as the video is to watch, Gabi spilled that it was organized chaos behind the scenes.

“We were renting the house to film in and we didn’t know that the people who we rented the house from would actually be there while we were filming,” Gabi said. “They were eating and making dinner while we were filming and they wouldn’t turn the air conditioning on, they refused to, they said they would turn it on in one room and one room only. So we were literally dripping sweat in this five-piece dress.”

If that wasn’t insane enough, the family that rented Gabi’s team their house actually rented it to other people, too!

“There was a room where we were doing wardrobe and touch-ups in, and so I knocked on one of the doors to see if that’s where everyone is and this random guy in a towel opens the door and goes, ‘It’s the other room,'” Gabi said. “They were literally renting out that room for an Airbnb! Obviously it all ended up working and being okay, but they were there for the whole thing.”

We knew that being an up-and-coming artist was no easy job, but this experience sounded like something straight out of a movie! And to be fair, Gabi’s current situation does kinds of remind us of Hannah Montana. During the week she’s at school studying as a part of the Musicianship, Artistry Development and Entrepreneurship program. She opened up to us about what it’s really like to be living the best of both worlds.

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“I never really wanted to study music, I was actually looking into criminology,” Gabi said. “But then I decided I was going to study music because there is so much to learn. I will never be satisfied with where I am, there is always room for improvement and there’s always so much to learn. Surrounding yourself with other muscicians and writers, youre going to gain so much.”

As incredible of an opportunity that this is for Gabi, it’s definitely not the easy route.

“It’s extremely difficult to balance my music and school at the same time. When I started writing and going back and forth I was just starting getting into my freshman year of high school and it was a really big adjustment for me,” Gabi said. “Now that we’ve gotten around to releasing music, I just started college. It’s just a lot to juggle, but I think they all go hand in hand. My music affects college and college affects my music and that’s the cool thing about it. College is a learning experience both inside and outside the classroom, and I think that’s really important to my music because it just helps me discover who I am at more depth.”

We can’t wait to see what she does next, becuase it’s sure to be a big hit.

Don’t forget to listen to “Liberteens,” available on Spotify and iTunes now!
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