Gabi DeMartino Claps Back at Haters with New Music Video

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Gabi DeMartino is certainly no stranger to haters. For years, the YouTuber has been accused of trying to be like Ariana Grande. And if you take a look through her Instagram or YouTube channel, it’s not hard to see how people have come to that conclusion.

Back in July, the 23-year-old uploaded an “I lived like Ariana Grande for a day” parody video that got her a ton of hate, even from Ariana herself! Ari was not feelin’ Gabi’s impression of her, and apparently neither was a fellow YouTuber!

Last week, Sssniperwolf uploaded a video titled “GIRL WANTS TO BE ARIANA GRANDE SO BAD,” in which she proceeded to drag Gabi (among other girls) for trying to look, sound and act like the pop star.

Gabi was understandably furious. She called Sssniperwolf out for bullying, and she also claimed that the YouTuber was blackmailing her.

But she didn’t stop there! Now, she’s addressing all her haters with a new song, “Yacht.”

In the music video, she hits back at everyone who’s tried to talk trash. In the course, she sings, “They keep talkin’, they keep clickin’, typin’ every word they thinkin’, oh, but honey I ain’t sinkin’… I cost a million bucks and I’m givin’ zero f*cks while I rise above these ducks.”

Gabi also addresses the Ariana comparisons head-on. She raps, “My pony big like Ari… and if I look like her I’m sorry.”

The twin said the song was “not serious by any means” and that she was “just pokin’ some fun at the haters,” but either way, that music video is FIESTY!