Gabi DeMartino “Humiliated” After SSSniperWolf Calls Her Out on YouTube

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Lia Wolf, better known as SSSniperWolf, is one of the biggest YouTubers out there. Typically, having your name mentioned in one of her videos would be a HUGE accomplishment, however, fellow YouTube star Gabi DeMartino says she feels “humiliated” after the 25-year-old included her in a vid about young girls who try to copy Ariana Grande‘s every move.

The gamer posted a video on September 18 titled “GIRL WANTS TO BE ARIANA GRANDE SO BAD” and used a large photo of the 23-year-old in the thumbnail (the image has since been changed to another girl who dressed up like Ari and walked around Disneyland during a social experiment).

When the “Sleep It Off” crooner saw that Lia, who is one of her favorite YouTubers, used her pictures and videos for mocking purposes, she was incredibly upset and offended, especially because the cosplayer was nothing but kind when they met in person.

Gabi also posted a video on her own YouTube channel because, as she put it, if Lia was going to be able to use her face for views, she was going to respond in a video format, too.

“This video did trigger me and so did your messages to me,” she says of the Instagram DMs Lia sent long after she posted the video. “No matter what the intention was, that was bullying. And for someone who speaks so strongly about mental health, that’s f*cked up.”

The YouTuber adds, “I felt very belittled, mocked and more so humiliated.”

While Gabi was clearly very offended by Lia’s upload, twin sister and singing partner Niki DeMartino wasn’t sure how to feel.

People called Niki out for not automatically having her twin’s back, but she confirmed that she simply felt “weird” to see the video in her subscription box and will ALWAYS stand by Gabi.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this article inaccurately stated that Gabi dressed up like Ariana Grande during a social experiment. Gabi confirmed this was not her..