Gabi DeMartino Claims She’s Being Blackmailed by Sssniperwolf

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Well, you guys! The YouTube drama continues…

In case you missed it, Lia Wolf, better known as Sssniperwolf on YouTube, recently uploaded a video throwing shade at girls who try to be like the one, the only, Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, the video was met with TONS of backlash, especially from fellow YouTuber Gabi DeMartino, who felt personally attacked by the video, and whose photo was used in the thumbnail.

Ultimately, Gabi decided to upload a response video, which detailed her disappointment in Sssniperwolf for using her face to get more views and for trying to bring women down. In her response, Gabi said that Sssniperwolf’s video made her feel, QUOTE, “belittled, mocked and more so humiliated.”

While we wish we could tell you that the drama ended there, sadly, we can’t. In Gabi’s Instagram story, she claimed that Lia was blackmailing her and she even included Instagram DM’s to prove it. That’s right, fam! She’s got receipts!

Gabi DeMartino Sssniperwolf Blackmail

Instagram (@gabi)

Gabi said in her story, “So at the moment I’m currently being blackmailed by the one, the only. So, because I won’t take down my response video, she is basically blackmailing me and harassing me and calling me bad names on Instagram DM, and this isn’t something I’m used to.”

Gabi went on to explain that Sssniperwolf wanted her to take her response video down, so she blurred out Gabi’s face and removed her from the thumbnail thinking Gabi would remove her response video from YouTube in return. However, when Gabi DIDN’T remove her response video and posted a comment instead in an effort to squash their beef, Sssniperwolf threatened to put her face back in the thumbnail and use Gabi’s name in the title of the video that started it all. YIKES!

Gabi DeMartino Sssniperwolf Blackmail

Instagram (@gabi)

So, what would it take for Gabi to remove her response video altogether? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually!

“I told her I will take down my video if you take down your video,” Gabi said in her Insta story. “But she won’t do that. She thinks changing the thumbnail and blurring out my face is enough.” Spoiler alert: it wasn’t enough.

Since Gabi posted that she was being blackmailed on her Instagram story, Sssniperwolf responded on her own Insta story, saying, QUOTE, “Don’t preach about bullying if you’re going to use your audience to bully someone you don’t like.” SAVAGE.

Right now you’re probably wondering what will happen next, and TBH, we have no idea! Will Sssniperface make Gabi the thumbnail again and use her name in the title? Will she take down the video altogether in an effort to move on from all the drama? Will Gabi respond to Sssniperface’s response of Gabi’s response to Sssniperface’s video? We don’t know, but we sure do have whiplash!