YouTube Star Admits to Cheating on Her Longtime Love With Her Current Bae

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Less than a year ago, YouTube star Gabriella DeMartino and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Grupe seemed beyond happy together, frequently posting adorable pictures and even creating a joint YT channel. But then all of a sudden, things changed, and the 23-year-old deleted his Instagram and the 21-year-old was hanging out with another guy. After countless rumors about what went on with the longtime loves, the beauty guru and her current bae, Collin Vogt, are finally ready to reveal all.

During the spring of 2015, Gabi says she started to get bored with her relationship and wanted to take a break.

“I loved him to death, I loved him so much, but I was so young and he was the only guy I was ever with. I was 19 and I was with him for five years… so I started seeing other guys.”

But even though she “fell for a few other people” when she was single, she ultimately went back to Brandon (who she never mentions by name in the video, BTW), hoping that “those old feelings would come back.” Unfortunately, no matter how much she hoped and prayed, she never felt the same way about him, but was scared to let go of the only real relationship she ever knew. It was then that she met Collin.

“The day we met was the day that we fell for each other… but obviously I was still with my ex and he was still with his girlfriend,” she said. “We had the most romantic summer fling ever. He broke up with his girlfriend for me, and when it was time for me to break up with my ex for him, I just couldn’t do it.”

In fact, Gabi still posted about her and her ex’s five-year anniversary on social media because she felt like she “owed it to him” even though she wasn’t happy in the romance.

“I tried making it work — but it was just the most forced thing I’ve ever done.”

As for the current couple’s anniversary, both Gabi and Collin refer to the day they met as “their date,” because they were basically inseparable since that moment, even though they each had significant others for a good portion of their early ‘friendship.’

Ultimately, the blonde knows what she did was wrong and doesn’t think it’s okay that she cheated on her ex, but is a “real firm believer in that things happen for a reason” and she thinks “it’s great” that she can “finally let [herself] be happy for once.”


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