YouTuber Threatened & Accused of Lying by the Male YT Star Who Assaulted Her

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Victims of violence, especially women, often have a hard time coming forward about the crime because of fear that people won’t believe them. Gabrielle Hanna, better known as The Gabbie Show on YouTube, has proof that fellow YouTuber RiceGum (his real name is Bryan Le) physically assaulted her at a party, but the 20-year-old is still threatening her AND calling her a liar.


The YouTube star who got famous for publicly dissing people on the Internet allegedly told one of his friends to tell Gabbie to “publicly apologize,” or things were going to get bad.

RiceGum also tweeted and deleted a video of him scratching his chest, trying to prove that the marks on the 26-year-old’s body were self-inflicted wounds.

RG continued his abusive behavior by making fun of the girl’s looks and saying that while he doesn’t hit girls, he does smash phones, and that’s totally okay.

Gabbie only used the word “hit” in the immediate aftermath of the assault, which was probably a result of her being scared, upset, etc. When she calmed down a bit, she confirmed that he “didn’t beat the sh*t out of [her],” but rather “grabbed [her], twisted [her] arm and held [her] down” so he could take the phone out of her hand and smash it to pieces. Did the Asian YouTube actually hit her? No. Did he still violently assault her? Absolutely.

As Andrea Russett said, “[RG] saying ‘shit’s gonna get worse’ tells girls they shouldn’t speak up w/o being intimidated and silenced.”

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