Future Careers For Our TV Faves

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked that question at least once or a million times, depending on your parents. When it comes to our favorite TV characters, we don’t get to jump that far ahead into the future to see where they’ll end up (wouldn’t that be fun!). Will they find love? Will they have a family? Will they end up working at the local car wash? All valid questions.

Here are some future career predictions for some of our favorite TV characters:

Caroline from The Vampire Diaries as a wedding planner. She loves to organize a party, order people around, and isn’t a Bridezilla kind of like a monster anyway.

The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Ballgown

Alloy Entertainment

Spencer from Pretty Little Liars will make the perfect politician. She can argue her way out of anything and, besides, we all know she can keep a secret. Just keep “A” far away from the campaign trail.

Spencer in PLL's "The New Normal Spencer Hastings" Episode

Alloy Entertainment

Brittany from Glee as a character at Disney World. She doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality to begin with and kids love that. They kind of speak her language: rainbows, unicorns and chocolate dreams.

Brittany on Glee, Unicorns and Rainbow Flags


Silver from 90210 will be shooting documentaries all over the world, capturing the poor, selfless and hungry OR filming season 15 of Teen Mom: The Next Generation for MTV. Either one works.

The CW

Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl will be teaching writing to Upper East Side brats at Constance Billard. Karma is a B!

Alloy Entertainment

Sadie from Awkward. will be a traveling motivational speaker, spreading her message of “You’re Welcome” to those searching for the truth about life, love and teen bullies.


Alex on Modern Family will be a biochemical engineer researching the hypothesis of photosynthesis on farm animals in third world countries OR a sales girl at Forever 21. It’s too close to call.


Jane on Jane By Design will be showing her fashion line in Paris, London & New York and interviewing India Jourdain to be her assistant, if she can handle the pressure.

Jane By Design in Paris

ABC Family

Laurel from The Lying Game will become an actress, performing a scathing one-woman show spilling all her (former) family and friends’ dirty secrets. Noone will be able to ignore her then

The Lying Game, Laurel Mercer Singing, Playing Violin

Alloy Entertainment

Puck from Glee will be a UFC fighter. He’s got the attitude, the Mohawk and for once, his anger issues will really come in handy.

Glee, Mad Puck


Which of these future careers is the most spot-on? Got any other projections for our TV faves? To the comments!

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