35 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Change The Way You See Your Fave Stars

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If you are at all familiar with Tumblr.com, then you know that the specialty of seemingly every single user on the site is to take something innocent and pure, and make it sexual, weird, hilarious and sometimes inappropriate. This is why we all love Tumblr, though — not only are those things fun to read and share, but they’re also strangely relatable. Tumblr users have a way of nailing exactly what we’re all secretly thinking, then displaying it in meme form, which makes us feel utterly delighted to find out that someone else thinks the way we do. Sometimes the posts aren’t even relatable — they’re just straight up hilarious. And while the users will make fun of literally anything, one of the best things they do is make fun of celebrities.

There are so many Tumblr posts about celebrities out there that will make you cry from laughter. I know, because it’s happened to me on multiple occasions. Whether it’s a photo of a celeb being taken out of context and made it into something else, a weird AF fan theory that somehow makes sense or just something completely random, it’s enough to make you see your favorite stars in a new light. There are so many celebrity posts on the site that it would be impossible to round them all up, but here are a few I’ve found recently that have brought tears to my eyes — in a funny way. Check out these hilarious Tumblr posts about celebrities, and get ready to think of pop culture differently from now on:

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