11 Sleeping Squidward Memes All Teenagers Will Understand Completely

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As much as we can identify with Mr. Crabs, the most relatable Spongebob SquarePants is absolutely Squidward Tentacles. The sarcastic, moody octopus just gets us, ya know? Wait a second — of COURSE you know, ’cause all teenagers are basically Squidward, too!

From dealing with the stress of school to navigating the dating world, teens will absolutely be able to relate to these HILARIOUS memes:

1. The horror!

2. Nothing is quite as terrifying as this realization:



3. Noooooo…

4. NGL, this feeling is pretty effing epic, though:


5. But sometimes, you just cannot be bothered.



6. And suddenly you’re doing work at midnight:


7. …or not…

8. The perks of being single:

9. The stress is REAL!

10. Psh…oh-kay

11. Literally panicking from here:

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