19 of the Funniest Snapchat Face Swaps You’ll Ever See

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At this point, if you think about it, there are really only two things in this world that feel wholly, 100% inevitable: the reign of Kylie Jenner, and Snapchat. In fact, if there is one thing that our generation will be known for in the coming years, it’s probably those two things. (Or, rather, Snapchat plus the bizarre proclivity towards calling our favorite celebrities “mom” and “dad,” but we’ll deal with the fallout of that situation at another time.) I mean, right? While social media as a whole is probably representative of any respectable Gen Z-er or late-edition millennial, it’s Snapchat, by its very front-camera encouraging, self-destructing nature that bears the brunt of being emblematic for youth as a whole. We’re self-absorbed and narcissistic! We love selfies! Grown-ups don’t get it!

What’s really cemented Snapchat as the voice of our generation, probably, are the app’s filters. You know what I’m talking about — who hasn’t wasted an afternoon by staring into the camera and transforming themselves into a dog, perhaps or a bug-eyed humanoid that barfs up rainbows while wind chimes play in the background. Why do they exist? Who knows?! It doesn’t matter. It’s just fun. Don’t think about it too much. Most recently, Snapchat released a “face swap” filter that, as the name implies, allows you to switch faces with anyone — or anything — else that happens to be in your front-facing camera’s range of sight. The results are hilarious and, understandably, everyone is obsessed with it — surely, you are, too. Check out the funniest Snapchat face swaps ever that will actually make you crack up:

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