20 of the Funniest Riverdale Memes… Created by Lili Reinhart Herself!

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We’ve loved Lili Reinhart since she first graced our screens as Betty Cooper on The CW’s Riverdale (which isn’t very long, but still). It’s hard NOT to love Lili — she’s smart and she’s cool AF, so come on now. She also might be dating Cole Sprouse (a.k.a. Jughead) IRL… but we won’t hold that against her because we are totally #TeamBughead.

HOWEVER, one of the biggest reasons as to why we love her is because she is freakin’ hilarious. We know this ’cause one of Lili’s favorite pastimes is creating memes (and a hilarious one at that). Honestly, if you like her Riverdale alter ego, you’ll LOVE her real-life self. Here are some of her LOL-worthy memes to prove it:

1. She totally understands your obsession with pizza.

2. She understands the pressures of ordering at Chipotle.

3. She know exactly what it’s like to be on Tumblr.

4. She’s very protective of her best friend.

5. We all have that friend…

6. She understands the nightmare that is exam week.

7. Waiting for food is the worst!

8. When she totally understands your relationship with your mom.

9. She totally understands how horrible it is to be a third wheel.

10. #truth

11. She totally gets stalking your future bae.

12. When she understands your eating habits.

13. She’s a great wingwoman.

14. She knows exactly what it feels like to strut into school in new clothes.

15. The only way to deal with drama. *sips tea*

16. She knows the importance of the last slice.

17. When someone screws you over but you know that *Game Of Thrones voice* karma is coming.

18. When all she wanted at McDonald’s was a McFlurry.

19. Sometimes the Internet is the worst.

20. She gets what it like to have a DJ reject your song request.

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