The 10 Funniest Prom Proposal Pics

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When that pic to the left got over 800 likes on the Facebook page, we knew we were onto something. “How about we make an entire post about hilarious prom proposals,” we thought to ourselves. Ok, fine, we already did that in video form, but these pics of guys asking chicks to the big dance are so clever, it hurts. Like, how could you not say yes to these dudes, ya know?

Check out our 10 fave prom proposals pics!


Choose a pokemon? Ok, cute, clever guy who did this. We choose you!

Fine, the guy here probably didn’t bake the cake. But he gets 10 points for his amaze decorating skills.

This cutie even made a fake iPhone to go along with his proposal. Fake iPhone, guys! We’ll take it!

Aw, this one’s super cute. But wait, we feel like he totally got that idea from Disney’s PROM movie

Taylor went to a pet shop, bought a gold fish and a fish tank, and wrote a cute note. Forget prom proposal. This feels like a marriage proposal instead!

Cheesy, yes. But every guy knows pizza is the way to our hearts. We accept.

Math is so not our forte, but wait, we get it. We think. That spells “prom,” right?

OMG, photo booth prom pics! How’d that cute dude know taking pics is our fave pastime ever?!

This one’s borderline creepy, but totally clever so it’s fine. It’s like his dying wish is to go to prom with us! Adorbs!

Um, he’s got a point…

Which of these pics is the most clever? How did you get asked to prom?

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