12 Adorable Pictures of Pugs Playing Dress-Up

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Usually, animal lovers fall into one of two camps: those who dress up their pets and those who don’t. So while you might never put Fido in glittery fairy wings and a pink tutu, don’t lie. We know your secret. You actually love seeing doggies dressed up in adorable costumes. They’re guaranteed squeal-activators. In fact, resisting this level of adorable is just not possible–especially when it comes to pugs.

Pugs can’t help that they look like they’re in a constant state of misery, and their grudging, squished-up faces remind us of grumpy old men wearing ridiculous outfits. It’s cuteness overload. We’ve refrained from describing how much these pugs make us want to adopt fifty puppies because we didn’t want to break the world record of the number of times “cute” has been used in a single blog post. So instead, we’ve imagined what’s really going on in their heads (hint: a lot of sass).

Pug as Banana

“Warning: if you peel me, I’ll be naked. And if you try to do that, I’ll (banana) split.”

The Daily Puglet

Pug as Madonna

“I know that I am cute, but I am also a strong, powerful woman. I’m not just here for your entertainment! But I do like seeing my name in lights…”

Mamma Biscuit

Pug as Giraffe

“Mama, why does my Snuggie have a puff ball up top?”

Squish Face Dogs

Pug as Birthday Cake

“…But I want to eat my cake too.”

Sweethoots Etsy Shop

Pug as Bumblebee

“Let’s be real. Do these stripes make me look fat?”

I Love Pugs

Pug as Lady Gaga

“I was really hoping she would put me in the meat dress. Then I’d at least have a snack.”

I Love Pugs

Pug as Skunk

“I don’t smell that bad, do I?”

Sweethoots Etsy Shop

Pug as Pirate

“Um, I’d like to start a mutiny.”


Pug as Duck

“I do not belong in this Easter basket–I’m not made of chocolate.”


Pug as Yoda

“If you were really that wise, you would get me out of this outfit, pronto! Or else I’ll use my Jedi mind tricks, fool.”

Portland Mercury

Pug as Flower

“I don’t care if it’s pink, this still feels like the Cone of Shame. Are you happy? I feel the shame.”

Funny Cute Pics

 Pug as Pug



So how much do you love these pugs? Which one is your favorite? Are you obsessed with cute animal pics? Spill it all below!

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