The 25 Funniest Memes About Being Excited for Halloween

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Thinking about the end of the summer can be depressing… until you realize that the early days of September mean one thing: Halloween is almost here.

Yes, it’s still about two months away. Yes, we are potentially rushing the best season ever (fall) by thinking about costumes and decorations and scary movies when it’s still close to 90 degrees outside. Sure, it’s a little premature to feel amped about the Halloween season. But, uh, who cares? Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year, and your giddy excitement for that should last as long as you want it to. This is why I fully support these perfect memes about being excited for Halloween. Who can resist?!

I’ll miss beach days and warm nights more than I want to talk about, but I also can’t help but feel a rush of happiness at the thought of my favorite holiday approaching. Think about all that comes along with October 31: pumpkins everywhere, creepy/cute DIY costumes, the most fun decorations of the year, crunchy leaves, warm apple cider, haunted house adventures with your friends… I could continue, but basically, it’s enough to make even the coolest of all people turn into a basic white girl. So, forget your depression about the end of summer and let’s focus on what’s really important: being excited for Halloween. If you’re not there yet, you certainly will be after looking at these memes:

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