15 Hilar DIY Meme-Inspired Graduation Caps That’ll Make Even Grumpy Cat LOL

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Harry Potter-inspired graduation cap decorations were THE thing for, well, years, but at this point are kinda old news. Sure, you can decorate your ill-fitting cap with a phrase about your Hogwarts acceptance letter getting lost in the mail, or a beautiful Dumbledore quote that’ll inspire all your pals, but don’t you want to be a little bit different? Of course you do! And that’s where the Internet comes in.

As all web-savy individuals know, memes took over the online hemisphere 2016 more so than EVER before. From Petty Skai Jackson to Blurry Mr. Crabs, there were SO many funny pictures that were way more useful than using words. So what’s the best way to prove you’re an influential Tumblr kid on graduation day? Putting one of these classic memes on your cap, of course!

1. True, tho.



4. Grumpy Cat just tells it like it is.

5. For those who want to put a damper on people’s day:

6. Hey, at least you got there eventually.

7. For the artist who also loves a good meme:

8. And for those who can’t actually draw, but still adore Doge:

9. NBD.

10. El oh el.

11. Graduation is tough!

12. See??



13. Pepe the Frog just gets it.


15. We knew SOMEONE would utilize Drake’s best album cover!

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