The 10 Weirdest Justin Bieber Photoshop Pics Ever

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If there was such a thing as a Photoshoppable mug, Justin Bieber would have it. The smooth lines of his face are perfectly suited for every situation. His smizing skills, his pouty lips — just put his face on everything, already! The makers of these pics already did…

In this glamour shot, Justin is a true classic beauty. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He might even best Selena.

Photoshop Creative

We guess we’re supposed to be preparing for a Bob the Builder spinoff, starring Tractor Justin. “Can we Belieb it?” “Yes we can!”


Magazines have been getting a lot of flack for Photoshop recently, but we’ve never seen a magazine cover gone this bad. Todateen is a legit published magazine, and we’re wondering what they did to get Justin’s lips so glossy and smokey eyes so perfect? He looks like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras.


Haha get it — Justin Bieber Beaver?!?! LAWL.


For some reason, we can’t look away. Maybe it’s because 50 Cent/Justin looks so sad, maybe it’s because his hair-to-face ratio looks positively unnatural, but Justin Cent II just looks like he’s had a tough life and we’re — gosh darnit — intrigued. You can’t fight these feelings.

eBaum’s World

This is the epitome of looking so intense, you seem constipated.


How much ego swag can fit into one picture? Just add Jersey Shore and your mind will be blown with the levels of ‘tude possible.


In case you were wondering, this is what happens when you switch Justin Bieber’s hair with his chin. It still looks positively stroke-able, though we have the distinct feeling that if you shaved it off, his head would be diamond-shaped.

Freaking News

This is obviously all wrong, because if Justin Bieber were a Barbie doll, he would obviously be wearing a PURPLE hoodie. Seriously, people.

Meme Archive

Because Justin Bieber’s favorite person is… himself? Woah, this is getting too real.

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