13 Hilariously Perfect Uses of the Justin Bieber Blessed Meme

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What were you doing on February 29th, 2012? It could have been anything, really — it was a leap day. A Wednesday.

All of this pales in comparison to whatever Justin Bieber was doing, however, on this day. For on this special, hallowed day, Justin Bieber was feeling good. But not just good — he, the angel-voiced “Sorry” singer, was feeling moved. Blessed, even. How do we know this? He tweeted about it:

A particularly dedicated Belieber might be able to find out (or, perhaps, might already know in their internal encyclopedia of Very Important Bieber Facts) what exactly was going on and why it made him feel so blessed, but personally, I think it is more rewarding if you let your imagination wander. This tweet was sent, after all, right at the tail end of the first wave of Bieber Fever — a more innocent time, when the nation was still reeling from Never Say Never and Justin had just barely been shorn of his infamous swoop. Who’s to say, really, what could have made this young Bieber feel so blessed?

Anyway, as with most good things, this tweet has now become a meme in which people insert their own momentous life occasions. Ever pass a test you thought you were going to fail? You feel like Justin Bieber. Get your eyeliner right on the first try? Ditto. Ever come home to find leftover pizza in the fridge? You, my friend, have every right to feel as #blessed as the Biebs in 2012. Here are the very best uses of the Justin Bieber “blessed” tweet that show how you really feel when something momentous happens in your life:

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