13 Halloween Fails That Are So Bad They’re Actually Great

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When it comes to Halloween, there are many good elements. There’s the candy. The cool AF costumes. The costumes that are not good, exactly, but are so bad that they might as well be good. Then, of course, there’s the best part: the fails.

You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s the stuff you see on Twitter and Instagram the days leading up to and following Halloween, of, like, weird misspellings in party stores and cringe-worthy decorations and costumes that just went wrong somehow. In fact, Halloween fails are arguably better than the successes — if any of them happen to you, it’s nearly guaranteed to perform better on social media than something that did go well, due to the schadenfreude-based likes you’re bound to get. Still, if you’re not sure that a Halloween fail is going to you, you might as well enjoy some other ones. So, check out these Halloween fails that are so bad they’re actually amazing:

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