GIFts For You: Funny Gifs To Get You To The Weekend

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Sorry guys, we’re still in a state of shock after seeing these pics of Justin Bieber getting beat up. We’re relieved it was all staged, but it looked so real it was scary! We’re going to need some ridic gifs to recover. We’ve got Christina Aguilera looking creepy on The Voice, Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy at the movies, plus a few randos just for fun. What do you think of our gifs? Don’t forget to share them with your BFFs!

So, Christina Aguilera looks… different? Maybe working with Adam Levine is getting to her.

If only it were this easy to get a new kitten…

OMG! Can you believe who ‘A’ is on Pretty Little Liars?? Our faces still look like this:

We’re psyched to see Titanic in 3D… if only so we can pull a Phil Dunphy.

Us, roughly once a month.

If you want to know anything about us, you know where to go. Let Ryan from The Office explain:

Have you seen this video of the fluffy, hard-partying cat??

Our ride home from school pretty much looks like this… how many days until we can get our licenses?

Where’s your favorite place to find GIFs? Got a cool one we should feature next week? Tell us everything right here!

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