25 Funny ‘The Floor Is…’ Memes That Are More Relatable Than You’ll Want to Admit

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Almost every person once played the game where they pretended that they were surrounded by lava, so they had to jump from furniture, counters, etc., to avoid stepping foot on the floor. This childhood game recently made a comeback on social media, and suddenly teens and adults alike joined in on the craze and recorded their endeavors for everyone on the Internet to enjoy.

From the Hot Lava Game came something else — a new meme, of course, that uses a floor to represent things people either really want to achieve, or really want to avoid. #RELATABLE


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2. V true.

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3. Must. Stay. Away.

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4. GTG!

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5. Cannot handle.

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6. The accuracy!

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7. #AvoidAvoidAvoid

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9. Heck no!

10. Def been here before…

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11. *jumps faster than humanly possible*

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12. All 5 Seconds of Summer fans will agree:

13. Impossible, TBH.

14. Camila Cabello be like:

15. SAVAGE!!

16. Oops?

17. @Luke5SOS

18. Ugh.


20. Also true.

21. Lol…funny joke.


23. See ya there!

24. Yeppers.

25. The ultimate:

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