The 10 Most Amusing Store & Street Signs of All Time

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Do you ever pass random signs and do a double take? Like when watermelons are where tangerines should be at the grocery store? Or if a letter falls of a billboard and makes a mistakenly funny saying? We’ve all seen it before, but we seriously can’t help but LOL (or make some sarcastic comments) about these hilar signs:

What. A. Discount.

Hot ice? We believe that’s called water.

If someone could please explain the difference to us, that’d be great.

Maybe a lack of tips is why there’s a Finding Nemo sequel in the works?

This better be some kind of mix up.

Whoa, you mean to say that they’re actually giving tix away — for free?!

But how many hours are they guaranteeing, is the real question.

Hmm, something tells us they’re lying…

Aww, clearly what this store needs is a boost of self-esteem.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their children playing with furry (AKA messy) animals… and caffeinated!

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