GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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Lately, we’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. So this week, we’re bringing you some GIFs from waaaaay back. Think early aughts, pre-Jennifer Lawrence(!!!), when Miley Cyrus hadn’t yet proclaimed that she can’t be tamed…

Austin and Ally, let’s take a look back to the years before you were on the Disney Channel.
It’s gonna be an adventure, fo sho.


Emma Roberts had a lot of FEELINGS on Unfabulous. Just check out those braces!
It goes perfectly with the angst.


Hilary Duff also used to spill some major ‘tude on Lizzie McGuire. Like, seriously.


In this episode of Zoey 101, Jennette McCurdy knew what kind of dude she wanted in her life.
Which is important.


Miley was just being Miley…


…except when she was Hannah Montana, and hanging out with peeps like Joe Jonas.
(Again, that hair! Look at that hair! Joe, what’chya doing?)


Similarly, since High School Musical‘s debut seven years ago (yup, it was that long ago!), the Zefron has done just as much with his hair as he has with his career. Remember when Zac Efron only starred in movies where he sang and danced? Sigh.


Even Vanessa Hudgens looks crazy different in this GIF from High School Musical 2Ashley Tisdale looks pretty much the same, though. So, congrats? It must be that Gabriella magic she’s getting right there!


Then you have the artists who embarked on epic solo careers after being in some pretty poppy bands, like Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake. Speaking of whom, do you remember when Justin looked and danced like… this?


Oh yes you do.


Don’t look too sad, Justin Bieber.


Anne Hathaway was wrong.


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