GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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Summer movie season is starting up again, and it’s about time. Where else can you find an always air conditioned, entertaining place to take refuge from the blazing heat? So for this week’s GIF round-up, we’re focusing on movies, but not literally on blockbusters. More like, discussing the pluses and minuses of having your life actually be a summer movie.

Going to the beach has a lot of pitfalls. Casual loungers, beware, real life is hard.

beach chair fail funny lol

Now imagine if your life were just like a movie. We have a sinking suspicion that Taylor Swift does this, and then makes them into her music videos.

taylor swift excited hand motions

When we’re walking with our friends, sometimes we like to pretend that we’re in a movie montage. Or like we’re on Pretty Little Liars. Except without the, well, lying.

pretty little liars girls walking funeral

Oh, Cody Simpson. You’re so suave.

cody simpson zipping up wet suit

If we were on a boat, we’d be doing the exact same thing as Justin Bieber.

justin bieber on a boat

Summertime is made for ice cream. We’d like to believe that Victoria Justice agrees: In the months of June, July, and August, icy treats deserve their own chunk of the food pyramid.

victoria justice eating ice cream cone

Are you still waiting for your summertime movie moment? Zooey Deschanel can relate to feeling like you’re off on the sidelines, anticipating your cue.

zoey deschanel new girl eating food

And then someone — or Niall Horan — takes you on a spin…

one direction harry styles niall horan waltz

…and your ballroom dancing doesn’t go quite as planned. But that’s life! (With Harry Styles.)

one direction harry styles niall horan waltz fall lol

Movies, schmovies. It’s only from real life that we get GIFs like this.

miley cyrus omg face funny lol

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