GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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This week has been what any normal person would call “a big one.” First thing’s first, GIF has been crowned Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, woot woot! OK, now that that’s settled, we can talk about the other huge events. Breaking Dawn — Part 2 premiered, One Direction‘s Take Me Home was released, and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. Wowza. Naturally, we’ve got all this in your weekly dose of GIFs: The “All the OMGs You Can Handle” edition.

When we first heard about Jelena’s breakup, we were like:

And had the same reaction as Taylor Swift.

 Some of our friends were less emphatic.

And said they totally saw it coming.

But for us, it came about like a shock of cold water.

So when Tuesday rolled around, and One Direction released TMH,
we couldn’t help but dance up a merry storm.

And when we came to the end of listening to their new album, we were like:

Until we took a deep breath, wiped our tears, and followed Kristen Stewart‘s words of wisdom.

So, reluctantly, we put Take Me Home Tonight away for five minutes and comforted ourselves with the adorable face of Robert Pattinson and thoughts of seeing BDP2 on Friday.

But then it was like, what should we do with our lives until then? When we found out that GIF is the word of 2012, we knew we had to celebrate. Now that our GIF-represented feelings are way more RELEVANT and INTELLECTUAL and SMART-SOUNDING and something you can totally defend to your parents/friends/non-Tumblr addicts, the answer was simple: more GIFs! Basically, our reaction to the news was like this:

Because, contrary to popular belief, our GIF love doesn’t stem from this:

…or this:

Instead, it’s more like… INTERNET PARTY!!!

(End scene.)

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